We don't stop at theories. We’re a manufacturer specialized in precision distillation, armed with the expertise and experience to get your project done.

Introduction to Plants and Equipment

All of our distillation apparatuses (for volumes of 0.1 L to 10,000 L) are designed by us in-house. We have a wide range of facilities that are both large and small.

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Technical Information

Here, we’ll introduce to you our core expertise, of which high purity precision distillation and a wide range of refining. We’ll also introduce you to information on exhibitions.

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  • Strengths of Osaka Yuka Industry

    Here, we’ll introduce you to the strengths of our company, which include our many years of experience and expertise, our originally designed equipment, and services provided by our 24-hour framework.

  • 70 Years of Osaka Yuka Industry

  • The Core Expertise of Osaka Yuka Industry
  • 70 Years of Osaka Yuka Industry